3 Reasons Why Point Repair Is the Best Way to Restore Your Colorado Pipes

Clean. Prompt. Professional.

If certain areas of your Colorado plumbing system are failing, you don’t have to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for a complete pipe replacement. Point repair uses trenchless technology to access, repair, and replace sections of your pipeline. Instead of digging up your plumbing system, point repair focuses on only restoring the broken sections. It’s a simple, affordable, and fast approach to pipe repair.


Point repair is a trenchless method, which means no digging or excavation. This eliminates a large portion of extra work and prevents your yard from getting torn apart. Instead of digging up your lawn, point repair accesses your pipes through specific entry points. The entire process is fast, easy, and non-disruptive.


Point repair is a simple way to replace and repair damaged pipes. Traditional pipe repair requires long hours of excavation to access the defective area. With point repair, technicians either repair a small section of your pipeline using pipe lining or pipe bursting methods. Each technique is safe and simple. Pipe bursting replaces damaged pipes by inserting a brand new one in its place. The pipe lining process repairs cracks and leaks in designated areas of your pipeline using a felt liner with epoxy. Trained point repair specialists should have your damaged pipes repaired within a few hours.


The materials used for trenchless point repair are durable and strong. They’re designed to last for years, as long as you keep up with proper maintenance. Most trenchless materials are so mighty, they last over 50 years. That means point repair results in stronger pipes than ever before. Not only does trenchless point repair restore deficiencies in your pipeline, but it leaves your plumbing system more sturdy than before. Talk about a win-win!


If your pipes are failing, don’t worry about affording a complete pipe replacement. The experts at NoCo Septic utilize trenchless point repair to fix specific areas of your sewer line. It’s simple, fast, affordable, and will leave you with stronger pipes. Give us a call to learn more about our point repair services and how our technicians can help you.