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If you own a commercial business in Northern Colorado, you probably have a grease trap that requires regular maintenance. Our technicians at NoCo Septic understand the purpose of grease traps intimately, and know how to best maintain them. We offer commercial businesses in Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Mead, Thornton, Westminster, and the surrounding areas grease trap cleaning services they can rely on. In addition, we have partnered with the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District to safely dispose of your grease trap waste.

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What Is A Grease Trap?

A grease trap, also commonly known as a grease interceptor, is a plumbing device that intercepts grease and solid waste before entering your wastewater system. While your septic system is made to hold a certain amount of grease and waste, a trap helps preserve the functionality of your system and protect your pipes. To catch the grease, the trap works to separate the sludge from the water and keep your pipes clear of potential buildup.

When Should You Have Your Grease Trap Cleaned?

Depending on use, you should generally get your grease traps cleaned every few months. If you are operating an especially busy business, getting your traps pumped more frequently may be beneficial. Another good way to tell if it is time to call a professional at NoCo Septic is if a quarter of your grease trap is filled with fats, oils, grease, or solids. If you are unsure whether your trap needs to be pumped, then contact our team and schedule your inspection appointment.

How Grease Trap Pumping Works

Once the grease buildup in your trap becomes too thick, it is time to get it pumped or cleaned. At NoCo Septic, we are skilled in providing quality services to scrub your trap restore it to its former function. Our process is simple but effective, and we conduct our grease trap cleaning services with little to no downtime for your business.

Here is how our Northern Colorado grease trap cleaning process works:

  • One of our technicians will be dispatched to your property with a large holding truck.
  • We will locate your grease trap and bring hoses attached to the truck inside.
  • Our technician will begin the pumping process where we will empty the trap’s contents into our truck’s holding tank.
  • Your grease trap will be emptied and ready for use ASAP.

Dangers of Skipping Grease Trap Cleaning Appointments

It may be easy to put off getting your grease trap cleaned when you don't think there's a problem. However, there are some serious consequences that can occur when your trap becomes too full.

Failing to make sure your grease trap is properly cleaned can result in:

  • Foul smells: A grease trap holds a lot of rotting matter that will start to smell over time. While these traps are often outside, the foul smell will build up and can make its way through the pipes and into your property.
  • Damage to your tank: Sulfuric acid that is created as a result of food breaking down can be especially toxic to the walls of your grease trap’s tank.
  • Clogs: If your grease trap is not cleaned regularly, you risk impeding the flow of water throughout your drains.
  • Future problems: Skipping grease trap cleaning appointments means that materials will solidify and become harder to clean down the line.

Just because you don't see an immediate problem doesn't mean that one isn't waiting just around the bend. Skipping grease trap cleaning can quickly lead to far more expensive and debilitating issues.

Our Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Partnership

At NoCo Septic, we believe in partnering with waste treatment plants to properly dispose of your grease trap waste. We are proud to work with the Denver Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant in order to dispose of waste in a way that keeps the Northern Colorado and Denver Metro area clean and clear. As the wastewater treatment authority in the greater Denver area, the Plant is one of the largest, stand-alone sewage disposal districts. All of the grease trap waste we collect in Northern Colorado and the Denver metro area is properly disposed of at this facility.

We perform grease trap cleaning services in the following cities and surrounding areas:

If you need to get your grease trap cleaned or simply want to learn more about our grease trap services, a NoCo Septic professional is standing by to help. Call us today to learn more about our process or to schedule an appointment.

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