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Even with proper installation and routine maintenance, your unit can still break down. A broken septic system is often an emergency because hazardous wastewater cannot be safely and properly flushed away from your property, meaning your property and water supply face severe contamination risks.

If you suspect something is wrong with your septic system, it’s important that you call a licensed technician and have your system checked right away. Waiting too long could potentially lead to catastrophic damage to your property and increased exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses.

At NoCo Septic, we want to help customers throughout Boulder and all of Northern Colorado get help with all of their residential septic system needs. When your septic system falls into a state of disrepair or you’re facing a potentially catastrophic situation in your home, our septic repair specialists can come to you and tackle the problem right away.

Every one of our technicians is experienced, well trained, and equipped to handle even toughest and most intensive repairs you may need, and we’re ready to respond when you need us. We know the stressful and emergency-like nature of septic system issues, and we treat your issue as though it were one in our own home. We guarantee that your septic system will be restored to working condition again as soon as possible, and that you receive the finest customer service in the industry all along the way.

Let NoCo Septic sort out your septic system problems and get your home moving smoothly again. Call us at (720) 513-5037 now to request an estimate or schedule a septic inspection.

Common Reasons for Septic Repair

Septic systems are generally dependable and reliable, often functioning without any additional attention beyond a routine pumping service for years at a time. However, that doesn’t mean that day-to-day use and the passage of time can’t take their toll on important components.

There are many reasons why your septic system could stop working properly, and our staff can quickly identify the exact cause of your troubles. When we figure out the source of your issue, we can provide you with a reliable fix that sorts the problem out the first time.

Some common reasons for a broken septic system can include:

  • Irregular pumping and maintenance: If your septic tank gets too full, other important components won’t work as intended. It’s important to monitor your tank and have it pumped every three years to ensure levels remain low and everything works properly.
  • Rainwater in your tank: Is your tank regularly overflowing, spilling sewage and dirty water into your property? This is a sign that you may have a leak or installation error in your septic tank that is allowing rainwater to seep into the tank, filling it up. These leaks can be fixed, but they need to be located first, and our crew has the tools to accurately spot leaks so we can make sure the issue is fixed for good.
  • Tree root intrusion: Trees seek water for growth, and your septic tank and lines that lead both in and out of it often carry water in them. Tree roots can sneak into the septic tank and sewer lines through even the tiniest of gaps, where they then grow, expand, and block the line completely or cause damage to the tank. They also create a less efficient drain field, resulting in your tank filling faster.
  • Tank overflow: Your septic tank can only hold a certain amount before it overflows and causes problems. This can be caused by infrequent pumping, blockages, or one of a number of other problems. If your sinks gurgle or your toilets are slow to drain, it could be an indication that your tank has overflowed and can’t hold anything else. Schedule a pumping service and our inspections will reveal if any other issues are at fault.

If your septic system is showing signs of breaking down, NoCo Septic offers pumping and repair service appointments. Schedule yours by contacting us today.

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